"New Beginnings Require an Ending"


The Three-twelve.

A network of only three-hundred and twelve linked star systems trapping all of humanity inside.  Inside, two equally miserable governments hoard the dwindling resources and make constant war against each other and their own helpless citizens.

But there may be hope.

Rumors of a ship left behind by the almost mythical human empire ages gone able to travel the stars without the need of star-links.  Such a ship could go anywhere.  It could escape the Three-twelve.

If it exists.

One crew of mutineers, outcasts and misfits intend to find out. They will follow the clues, fight entire governments, and battle through the most hostile environments the Three-twelve boasts to gain freedom–but to escape this prison of stars they will need a ship.  A ship that can Ascend.


An arc of six novels chronicling one beleaguered crew in their struggle to escape tyranny.  Uncover answers to questions never before dreamed.


Go deeper into the 312 Universe with a Glossary of Terms, listing of Character Bios, and Planetary Database.  Entries make every attempt to remain spoiler-free.



(Coming Soon) Discuss the 312 Universe with others interested in the Ardent’s quest for freedom.  Who will live, who will die, and why did they do what they did?


Complete and authoritative map of all starlinks within the 312 Universe.  Track the Ardent as she makes her epic journey.  Enhanced search and path finding features coming soon!


About the Three-Twelve

Joseph Baxter began planning the 312 Universe in 2008 while playing with Legos.  His sons complained that they didn’t know what to build, so Joseph suggested telling a story.  To demonstrate, they began constructing a star ship with a long and ancient past.  The only one of its kind.  A little tale over an afternoon of legos that grew into short fiction and ultimately expanded into a novel. When mapped out from beginning to end, the novel took on a life all its own.  To do the work each chapter needed required that the single novel grow into three books of twelve chapters each.  And then, to truly do necessary service to the plot and characters, the universe finally expanded to a total of six books.

Joseph invites you to experience this interstellar adventure, play in this fictional playground, and remember when fiction was fun.