So, I started with TextCraft Plus way back in 1987 on our Amiga 500 (we soon upgraded to Excellence), but this feels great as a Word Processor.  WordPerfect 4.1 on WorkBench 1.3.  Full export and import from ASCII text.  I could certainly get into this.  I feel right at home–how many late nights I spent looking into an interface just like this, learning how to write, writing short stories for the simple joy of it.

To be clear: I don’t currently have a WP license, so I’ll submit this for demo purposes only.  I believe that TextCraft may be open source or public domain, but I can’t seem to find an ADF that works properly (loads but crashes in repeatable ways).

All of that said, I do have a license for FinalWriter 97, and have it installed on the Amiga with 2.04 ROM and DataFlyer Sidecar.  I’m going to continue to experiment.  I want to finish my edits on the remaining chapters (as needed) and I truly want to write the next book exclusively on Amiga.  It will be the ultimate distractionless writing environment…as long as I don’t install any games.

Well, maybe one.  The game that inspired my original starflight mechanic.

More on that later.