Primary: Alshain

Alignment: Bureau

Home Planet: Bennett Adams, Marcus Adams (Arcadia Mlenar, Jensen Mlenar)

A bucolic farm world far from the centers of Bureau governmental power, Buena Vista circles the yellow-white sun Alshain.  Bright enough at class G8, the Magnitude IV star only possesses an arbitrary solar mass of 1.32.     Consequently, visitors to Buena Vista find Alshain’s light slightly harsh and a bit too cool.

Throughout the majority of Buena Vista’s year, Alshain’s red dwarf companion star, Alshain B, presents as a dull red point dominating the night sky.  Inhabitants of Buena Vista refer to the dwarf star as Ol’ Red Shain, or sometimes, the ‘Eye’ of Red Shain.  Buena Vista is unique as the only populated planet with access to non-linked star (Alshain B) via subcee drive in less than twenty years travel time.  The planet has been used as a staging ground for at least two Exploration efforts to Alshain B, although both proved unsuccessful in the search for new starlinks.

Beyond the proximity to an unlinked star, Buena Vista in all other ways bears the strong conformity and stability of any good Bureau world.  Produce from Buena Vista supports more mechanized worlds and is seen on menus of better restaurants as far away as Bureau Prime.