Occasionally we write little posts on the topic of writing or perhaps some news about the project.  Hard to know exactly what might show up here, but we hope it will always entertain or at least make the reader think.  No one here claims any particular expertise or authority.  We only claim to possess opinions.

Lot’s of opinions.

Who knows, we might accidently hit upon something profound.  Probably not, but there’s always the possibility, right?  In fact, let’s just do this:  Every time a post attempts to say something sage, let’s just all stroke our chins in an attitude of deep contemplation and say, “Huh.  Interesting…”  It helps sell it if you gaze off into the middle distance and let your voice kind of trail off like that.

At first, just follow the recipe for best results, but after the process becomes more ingrained, feel free to experiment a bit with other sayings, inflections, or perhaps even a truly subtle raised eyebrow.  Start nodding slowly and those around you will be enticed to nod along with you.  Soon after, we will all be rich and famous.

You’re welcome.

Fail to Plan

When I first remembered I had forgotten to write, my mind began to ask questions about how things got into print.  At the time, maybe 2007, the majority of the information on websites did its best to steer me away from new technology and really focused on the...

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Don’t Read

Writers shouldn’t read. Let me be clear: I am convinced that they read, and collect, and compile, and rearrange all sorts of things. Facts and hair-brained ideas equally become fodder to generate stories. In some fashion or another, I believe authors derive the...

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Primary: Rana Alignment: Free World Type: Selenic Home Planet: Glain MacGregor, Keegan MacGregor, Roland MacGregor (Gabriel Johns) A rock with a rotational period so incredibly fast that the escape velocity at the equator becomes almost negligible. A small orbital...

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Hide and Seek

The plot should never be a mystery to the audience. I rank that one rule above all the others.  If I do not succeed in this one area, neither technical prowess, clever phrasing, nor clean and powerful prose can save me.  The truth of it transcends the delivery...

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Buena Vista

Primary: Alshain Alignment: Bureau Home Planet: Bennett Adams, Marcus Adams (Arcadia Mlenar, Jensen Mlenar) A bucolic farm world far from the centers of Bureau governmental power, Buena Vista circles the yellow-white sun Alshain.  Bright enough at class G8, the...

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Poor Reflections

Hard to misunderstand a mirror.  I might not approve of my own current state of hygiene, but that’s my fault, not the fault of the mirror.  No matter how invested I am in my appearance, nor how much time I spent on my hair, the mirror tells me the truth. ...

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Contact Form

Love or hate the 312 Universe, please let us know.  This project exists only as a creative outlet for talents in a directions beyond those provided by the corporate world.  In other words, the project is here because we think it’s fun.  We hope you have fun with it too.

Come to think of it…if you do really hate it, please just delete it from your world.  I mean, why read or listen to something you don’t like?  That would be especially “un-fun”.

On the other hand, if you have some constructive criticism, or something to contribute, then you’re good–bring it on!  We’d love to hear more.  More stories await us out there–together we can stumble into amazing tales.

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Social Media

What can we say.  Everyone knows that social media is dead.  So why not follow the project on a few just for old time’s sake?  What can it hurt?  Here’s where we are supposed make motivating statements like “get connected” or something.  Meh.  One one thing is sure, you stand a better chance of finding out something interesting maybe with social media versus not.  Guess it depends on how much you care.  Do you care?

Well, do you?