Cracking Code

Judah tackles a perception from chapter three in an earlier revision.  May make more sense to place this art more in chapter two now.  I love the blue highlights from the screen.

One can see the progression here, of sketch to ink to color.

Click through to see the full-sized images on

Starship Profile

This represents a few thoughts on my concept for a Bureau Heavy Cruiser, like Ardent.  This image took a while to get in the present state, working with a 3D modeler friend.  It appears a bit “game-ish” but I thought it would be interesting as a reference point for some early designs.

Feel free to click on the image to download a truly immense resolution version (5760 x 3072).

Don’t ask me why, just accept that it is.

Planet Walker

Fantastic artwork from Judah.  Please do yourself a favor and click through to his site to see this image in all of its glory!

I love it when he gets inspired by a concept and then continues to revise and enhance it, as in the earlier non-colored version below.

Nice One but Not Quite

A great fellow named Mehmet rendered this one.  I love the way it looks, very sleek and modern.  Ultimately, it was not quite the direction I was headed.  Difficult to describe the ring bays and their importance to the story.  So, while this render is appealing, it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Also, this vessel never really felt “big” enough.  I think it had to do with the bridge windows.  I can’t see seventy people living for months on end inside this ship.  Maybe ten?

Overall, I feel like Mehmet gave the Bureau Navy too much credit for attractive designs.

Early Logo Attempt

Well, I tried.  Not the world’s worst logo, but the final one looks so much more professional.  I do like how the number three has a “Zork” door-like effect.  Kinda.